Dec 22, 2010

Merry Christmas and End-of-Year Sale Announced!

Well, as 2010 winds to close, I wanted to take the oppurtunity to wish all of you a wonderful, safe and very MERRY Christmas. I hope Santa is kind to you all, and that you get some time off to enjoy with friends and family.
For VIPs and bargain hunters out there I have two fantastic announcements to finalise our events here at StarChild;
1. The annual BOXING DAY $100 linden sale will start at midnight (thats 12:00am in SL-time folks!) this Sunday 26th December. Like the last two years, EVERYTHING currently stocked in our main StarChild store will be $100 linden or less! Wedding dresses slashed, vintage going cheap, burlesque bargains and costumes galore - BUT FOR 24 HOURS ONLY so make sure you grab a bargain as we make way for the stunning new 2011 collection to hit stores on 1st January.
2. So this brings me to my second announcement....the last few months the StarChild team has been hard at work dreaming up some amazing new costumes and vintage outfits to be released in 2011! We have listened to all your suggestions and requests throughout the year, and our first collection to be released on JANUARY will be our Winter 2011 design collection - full of cuddly warm jackets, hats and new gowns/suits to keep you looking at your best! Watch this space for more to come...

Dec 2, 2010

Raising Funds for Charity - Make a Wish Foundation

Now that December and Christmas is almost here, I thought it was time to focus a little more on the "giving" message that Christmas brings. I have designed two special 'Christmas' editions of the brand new Winter 2011 jackets designs about to be released in a few weeks. For just $50 each this will be your chance to sample some brand-spanking new designs for a fraction of what they will cost when released as part of our new design range. BEST OF ALL - 100% of all sales will be going directly to the "Make a Wish" Charity!
(For more info see raising money for "Make a Wish" Foundation page)

So today, I am exceptionally proud to announce two new charity outfits from StarChild. For the ladies, a cosy vintage winter jacket in a festive red plaid trim - perfect for those cold winter mornings! For the men, our brand new trenchcoat - both short and long styles included, in a dark red just for this Christmas. See below for pictures of whats on offer!



Nov 23, 2010

Christmas is Coming!

In just over a month Christmas will be here again! WHERE did that year go? Once again, to celebrate all things christmassy, StarChild has released a whole new range of christmas costumes and clothing. From cute little elves to a sexy santa, warm woollen jumpers and dresses to itty-bitty "santa's helper" costumes, we've got all your needs this Christmas time. Best of all - ITS ALL JUST $1 EACH! Below is a list of what's in-store NOW...

"Sexy Santa" costume
Christmas Sweaters in red, black and green
Christmas-themed underwear
"Christmas Elf" costume
Christmas-themed "Zoot Suit"

"Santa's Little Helper" costume
"Santa-Babe" costume
Winter-knit dresses in red and green
"Christmas Elf" costume
"Reindeer" costume

Wow! Merry Christmas indeed ;)

Oct 19, 2010

We want YOU! Marketing Manager needed for StarChild Designs

Yes! StarChild Designs is now hiring!

We are looking for a knowledgeable and creative individual to take charge of our Marketing campaign to increase customer awareness of our brand.

The applicant should be both knowledgeable with standard SL marketing practices, as well as capable of developing newer and more creative strategies. You will need to be a self-starter, proactive and have a minimum of 6 months experience in Second Life. Direct marketing experience is not absolutely necessary, though naturally a bonus. Applicants should be friendly, outgoing, and skilled at working with other people.

As Marketing Manager for StarChild Designs your duties will include building social networks, maintaining our VIP group and putting our brand out to the public through every means available, wether it be participating in events, shows, grid-wide hunts, our online blog or otherwise. You will represent and promote our designs throughout Secondlife.

A generous salary package is on offer, including a base monthly salary, land entitlement and a percentage of the profits made through sales of our designs.

For more info read the detailed job description HERE
Starchild Designs Marketing Manager Job Description
To apply NOW click HERE
Marketing Manager Application Pack
Applications close Dec 31st 2010. Good luck!

Oct 11, 2010

"Dirty Little Secret" Gridwide Hunt

Once again StarChild is taking part in a grid-wide hunt - this one is called "Dirty Little Secret" and runs from Oct 25th - Nov 25th. Come on in for more details, and a FABULOUS hunt prize designed by moi for both guys and girls. Have fun!

Oct 7, 2010

New release! Classic 1920s Vintage Costumes

Finally...I have heard your many requests and got around to designing the first of hopefully a wide range of vintage swimsuits. Naturally I started with the iconic brightly striped one-piece swimsuits from the 1920s era. So quaint - and there are two styles, Navy Stripe and Red Stripe for both gentlemen and ladies in store right now!

Not satisfied to finish there, I've added two ladies 1930s styled swimsuits to the collection, in a "Blue Check" and "Pink Flower" patterns. Naturally, for the ladies, all the swimsuit include the hats pictured must not be seen with one's head uncovered on the beach after all! Grab them in-store now and enjoy :)

Sep 26, 2010

We're Back!


Great news for all StarChild VIPs! After closing down our main island SIM and store, we've been busy offline planning, building, designing and creating a whole brand new StarChild concept store. The project is finally complete and I'm thrilled to announce that we're back open for business in Second Life! Click here for a teleport/location link straight to the new store.

Now to celebrate our grand new store opening, and since Halloween is not far away, I've designed THREE brand new Halloween-themed outfits for you to enjoy. Two, the darkly sexy "Witch" and "Warlock" outfits I've priced at JUST $1 for all you bargain hunters out there, and the other, a unisex FULL AVATAR "Grim Reaper" costume is only a super-low $200 linden. Check out the pictures above - and of course, they're also available for the same price at our online store at the SecondLife Marketplace (link below)

So get your wicked Halloween costumes now before they get you!



Aug 13, 2010

StarChild Store Closing Down

Dear StarChild fans,

It is with great regret that I have to inform you that the main StarChild Store and SIM will be closing down for good on August 31st. A combination of personal RL tragedy and rising SL costs have meant that I can no longer devote the time needed to keep our SIM running. To that effect I am hosting a "closing down" sale on our SIM for the next 2 weeks (August 16 - 30) - and EVERYTHING will be marked down to $100 or less. Grab some AMAZING bargains while you still can!

I will also still have all our fantastic StarChild outfits and creations available on the Marketplace (also on SL exchange) after August 31st until we re-open a new store elsewhere later in the year. PLUS I'll still be creating new and amazing outfits throughout the year which you will find here as well. You can find our "online store" on the internet using this link

With love,
Tatiana Starsider

Jun 3, 2010

New Release and New June Hunt Starts!

Its been a bit quiet at StarChild in the last month, but we haven't been idle! Finally the long-anticipated finale to our famous "Chicago!" design line has been released - and this one is for all you wicked ladies out there!
The "Cell Block Tango" series of outfits was inspired by the song from the musical "Chicago!", featuring the six merry murderesses of the Cook County Jail. Six sassy, sexy and dangerous women...Pop...Six...Squish...Uh-uh...Cicero...Lipschitz...

Check out the link to the original song below!


To celebrate the start of the new grid-wide hunt that will be running through the StarChild store, I'm pleased to announce that the outfit from Lipschitz is going to be this months hunt prize. Yup! start hunting and grab yours now for free!The Summer Lovin' Grid-wide hunt from the "say it naughty" group runs from June 5th - July 5th - blog can be found here...

Jan 11, 2010

Menswear Fashion Week

Have you heard?!

From 8th - 16th January its Mens Fashion Week - and the shows and fun have alrady started!

StarChild are EXTREMELY proud to announce we have an exclusive show happening on 12th January at 10:00am (SL time). Old favourites as well as BRAND NEW designs never before seen will be showcased in a fashion catwalk extravaganza, as well as free gift bags handed out to all attendees packed with goodies!

So get your butt down there and check out some of the truly amazing designs (not just ours!) showcasing at the fashion village right now!!

Use this link to transport direct