Sep 26, 2010

We're Back!


Great news for all StarChild VIPs! After closing down our main island SIM and store, we've been busy offline planning, building, designing and creating a whole brand new StarChild concept store. The project is finally complete and I'm thrilled to announce that we're back open for business in Second Life! Click here for a teleport/location link straight to the new store.

Now to celebrate our grand new store opening, and since Halloween is not far away, I've designed THREE brand new Halloween-themed outfits for you to enjoy. Two, the darkly sexy "Witch" and "Warlock" outfits I've priced at JUST $1 for all you bargain hunters out there, and the other, a unisex FULL AVATAR "Grim Reaper" costume is only a super-low $200 linden. Check out the pictures above - and of course, they're also available for the same price at our online store at the SecondLife Marketplace (link below)

So get your wicked Halloween costumes now before they get you!