Jun 3, 2010

New Release and New June Hunt Starts!

Its been a bit quiet at StarChild in the last month, but we haven't been idle! Finally the long-anticipated finale to our famous "Chicago!" design line has been released - and this one is for all you wicked ladies out there!
The "Cell Block Tango" series of outfits was inspired by the song from the musical "Chicago!", featuring the six merry murderesses of the Cook County Jail. Six sassy, sexy and dangerous women...Pop...Six...Squish...Uh-uh...Cicero...Lipschitz...

Check out the link to the original song below!


To celebrate the start of the new grid-wide hunt that will be running through the StarChild store, I'm pleased to announce that the outfit from Lipschitz is going to be this months hunt prize. Yup! start hunting and grab yours now for free!The Summer Lovin' Grid-wide hunt from the "say it naughty" group runs from June 5th - July 5th - blog can be found here...


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