Oct 19, 2010

We want YOU! Marketing Manager needed for StarChild Designs

Yes! StarChild Designs is now hiring!

We are looking for a knowledgeable and creative individual to take charge of our Marketing campaign to increase customer awareness of our brand.

The applicant should be both knowledgeable with standard SL marketing practices, as well as capable of developing newer and more creative strategies. You will need to be a self-starter, proactive and have a minimum of 6 months experience in Second Life. Direct marketing experience is not absolutely necessary, though naturally a bonus. Applicants should be friendly, outgoing, and skilled at working with other people.

As Marketing Manager for StarChild Designs your duties will include building social networks, maintaining our VIP group and putting our brand out to the public through every means available, wether it be participating in events, shows, grid-wide hunts, our online blog or otherwise. You will represent and promote our designs throughout Secondlife.

A generous salary package is on offer, including a base monthly salary, land entitlement and a percentage of the profits made through sales of our designs.

For more info read the detailed job description HERE
Starchild Designs Marketing Manager Job Description
To apply NOW click HERE
Marketing Manager Application Pack
Applications close Dec 31st 2010. Good luck!

Oct 11, 2010

"Dirty Little Secret" Gridwide Hunt

Once again StarChild is taking part in a grid-wide hunt - this one is called "Dirty Little Secret" and runs from Oct 25th - Nov 25th. Come on in for more details, and a FABULOUS hunt prize designed by moi for both guys and girls. Have fun!

Oct 7, 2010

New release! Classic 1920s Vintage Costumes

Finally...I have heard your many requests and got around to designing the first of hopefully a wide range of vintage swimsuits. Naturally I started with the iconic brightly striped one-piece swimsuits from the 1920s era. So quaint - and there are two styles, Navy Stripe and Red Stripe for both gentlemen and ladies in store right now!

Not satisfied to finish there, I've added two ladies 1930s styled swimsuits to the collection, in a "Blue Check" and "Pink Flower" patterns. Naturally, for the ladies, all the swimsuit include the hats pictured here...one must not be seen with one's head uncovered on the beach after all! Grab them in-store now and enjoy :)