Aug 26, 2012

New VIP Gifts in-store now!

Hi VIP's, have you checked out the store lately? We have a nice surprise just for you in there, with a NEW free group gift!

Guys n Gals come celebrate the 1950s with this EXCLUSIVE FREE gift, a 1950s Teddy Boy outfit for the guys, and a sweet 1950s Prom Dress in cherry print. BOTH these outfits are exclusive to the group and will not be sold to the public! YAY! Totally unique, totally free, totally vintage ;)

Hurry - For a limited time only.


Aug 8, 2012

Vintage Fair and Menstuff Hunt

August is a big month for events!

Menstuff Hunt 2012
Running from August 3rd - September 3rd, the Menstuff Hunt is one of the biggest grid-wide SL hunts out there for men, and StarChild Designs is a proud sponsor! You can pick up your free mesh Menstuff sports jacket and pants combo this time around. Hint for the hunt is:

A golfing outfit in vintage green is where your hunt prize can be seen

Vintage Fair 2012
The annual Vintage Fair wil be held from August 4th - August 29th. With over 250 designer brands, each showcasing special new release and exclusive release inspired by the vintage eras 1920s - 1980s   (and even pre 1920s!), this promises to be the best event yet. 

StarChild Designs is proud to be part of this special event, and to celebrate we're releasing two exclusive gifts for men and women at the show - our vintage sportsjacket and pants mesh outfit for me, and a stunning slinky mesh black vintage gown for women. Hurry and grab yours now before the fair closes!