Raising Money for Charity

Relay for Life ~ Auction Fashion Show April 30th 2011
On 20 April at 5pm, SL time, the Relay for Life Auction Fashion show commenced. To help raise important funds for such a worthy cause, StarChild Designs donated four of our most recent outfits to auction off. We're proud to say that our donated outfits raised $5,300 (linden) in total for cancer research! Hooray!
The Mask sold for $1250

The Flapper sold for $1000

The Peacock sold for $2200

The Godfather sold for $850

For Christmas 2010 StarChild Designs released two special outfits (see picture below) to raise money for the "Make a Wish" Foundation.
So how did the donations work?
1. Purchase the outfit in Second Life or through the online Marketplace
2. At least twice a week I go through all my transactions, and record those sales made for the special charity outfits
3. A corresponding donation is made to the Make a Wish Foundation group in second life - established directly to raise funds for the organisation.
To thank and honor those who bought the outfits and made a donation, this page has been established to list all those generous souls looking to improve a seriously ill child's life. Thank-you all! If I have somehow missed your donation/purchase PLEASE email me at starchilddesigns@gmail.com and let me know ASAP so I can add your name and transfer your donation to the Make a Wish group.
Merry Christmas!
xxTatiana Starsider
StarChild Designs
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Donations made to "Make a Wish" Foundation
2 December 2010
Lahteedah Kabuki $100 linden
sirhc DeSantis $50 linden
Lyric Derryth $50 linden
4 December 2010
Tycho Beresford $50 linden
5 December 2010
Scotty Greymyst $50 linden
7 December 2010
Kenneth Cypress $50 linden
8 December 2010
Mister Acacia $50 linden
9 December 2010
Ambrosius $50 linden
12 December 2010
Jeanne Eyre $50 linden
Anya Somersley $50 linden
Conner Rain $50 linden
Maggie Lytham $50 linden
Gem Sunkiller $100 linden
Gentile Lionheart $50 linden
Rosa Gardner $50 linden
13 December 2010
Derik Voom $50 linden
14 December 2010
Kay Hareshide $50 linden
Marco Mannequin $50 linden
15 December 2010
Scarlett Bardenboar $50 linden
16 December 2010
Savannah Porterfield $50 linden
17 December 2010
kakaman Domenitzo $50 linden
19 December 2010
Anonymus $50 linden
Vannya Mirabella $50 linden
21 December 2010
Holly Greymyst $50 linden
Ann Daylight $50 linden
22 December 2010
Edgar Christenson $50 linden
24 December 2010
Carnell Boa $50 linden