Oct 24, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012!

Happy Halloween to all our StarChild Designs Fans!

Once again, to celebrate this year's spooky festival, we have released a new $1 outfit. Combining the latest  mesh technology and our terrific texturing, we proudly introduce the Spooky Bloody Ghost, suitable for both male and female (or other!) avatars.

So what are you waiting for?! Pick up your poltergeist pack right here:
Bloody Ghost Costume

Sep 2, 2012

STEAM 7 Hunt now on!

Hi VIPs,

Vintage Fashion Week may be over, but I've still got more gifts for you this month! The STEAM 7 Hunt is running through our store, and once again we're honored to take part! Drop by and grab these fantastic steam-inspired outfits, absolutely free (but you have to find them first!)

xx Tatiana

Aug 26, 2012

New VIP Gifts in-store now!

Hi VIP's, have you checked out the store lately? We have a nice surprise just for you in there, with a NEW free group gift!

Guys n Gals come celebrate the 1950s with this EXCLUSIVE FREE gift, a 1950s Teddy Boy outfit for the guys, and a sweet 1950s Prom Dress in cherry print. BOTH these outfits are exclusive to the group and will not be sold to the public! YAY! Totally unique, totally free, totally vintage ;)

Hurry - For a limited time only.


Aug 8, 2012

Vintage Fair and Menstuff Hunt

August is a big month for events!

Menstuff Hunt 2012
Running from August 3rd - September 3rd, the Menstuff Hunt is one of the biggest grid-wide SL hunts out there for men, and StarChild Designs is a proud sponsor! You can pick up your free mesh Menstuff sports jacket and pants combo this time around. Hint for the hunt is:

A golfing outfit in vintage green is where your hunt prize can be seen

Vintage Fair 2012
The annual Vintage Fair wil be held from August 4th - August 29th. With over 250 designer brands, each showcasing special new release and exclusive release inspired by the vintage eras 1920s - 1980s   (and even pre 1920s!), this promises to be the best event yet. 

StarChild Designs is proud to be part of this special event, and to celebrate we're releasing two exclusive gifts for men and women at the show - our vintage sportsjacket and pants mesh outfit for me, and a stunning slinky mesh black vintage gown for women. Hurry and grab yours now before the fair closes!

Jul 13, 2012

LIVE! Josephine Baker Show - 1920s classic cabaret!

22nd July 2012
6:00pm - 8:00pm SL Time

Come join us at StarChild Designs for a magical evening of fun, frivolity, music and color when the Rubis Topaz Troupe comes to town to showcase Josephine Baker!

This 1925 vintage cabaret spectacular will feature colourful costumes, classic tunes and acts tributing the famous Josephine Baker, and dancing galore all on a custom-built stage that will amaze and delight!

With FREE giveaways to guests and FREE live entertainment on the night...this one is not to be missed!

Singer, dancer, “meneuse de revue” born in the USA, Josephine Baker was the first black star in France. She sparked a scandal in 1925, dancing half-naked for the “Revue Nègre” at Paris, dances then unknown in France (Charleston, Black Bottom, etc..).

Directed and danced by the troupe of Rubis Topaz

Mar 28, 2012

StarChild's NEW 2012 collection released! Check out the pics!

StarChild Designs have been busy little beavers these last few months. We've been frantically preparing all our new vintage and burlesque outfits for 2012, to launch in conjunction with Men's Fashion Week 2012. Boy oh boy, was it worth the wait though! Dozens of new outfits, of highest quality and using the latest techniques and tricks in SL are now released, offering a new level of realism and fun to your clothing never before achieved.

We got rave reviews at our fashion show launch this week (check out this link to see the pics from the show), and already the outfits are walking out our store doors at the Mens Fashion Week SIM.

Pics of the StarChild Designs Fashion Show

There are still a few days left to grab our latest releases at an introductory special price of just $100, but hurry! This offer only lasts till the weekend! Link to the SIM here

Go to Mens Fashion Week SIM (and StarChild Store)

Mar 2, 2012

Killer Fashion, or Fashion victim?! New outfits soon to be released for 2012...

The first outfits for 2012 are soon to be released! Check out this pick for a sneak peek...will you be the fashion victim?!

Feb 18, 2012

NEW COMPETITION: The Face of Menswear Fashion Week 2012

Menswear Fashion Week 2012 is returning March 23rd-31st, 2012! We want to find a new fresh face to represent MWFW 2012!

The Contest will run from February 2012 to March 2012 and comprise two parts.

(1)    The first part is a photo contest where we want to see your personal style and expression. We want you to take items from our contest sponsors and create an image that represents you. Be creative, Be Unique, Be Interesting, Be Expressive, Be You!

D.N.A Cloning Facility
Gizza Creations
Legal Insanity
Starchild Designs
Vaya Con Dios

(2)    From the photo entries 10 Semi-Finalist will be selected to compete in a runway finale. There will be three sections and one question to the runway finale.
    1. Casually You: We want to see you and your casual style. You may select anything from your wardrobe to show you and your personal sense of everyday style.
    2. Style Challenge: All of the semi-finalist will be given the same outfit and expected to accessorize and create your own vision and look.
    3. Runway Fabulous: We want to see you at your couture best. There are no rules but to let your imagination run wild. Get creative and bring something interesting, unique, and original to the runway!

Photo Contest Rules:

1. Outfits must come from one of the above listed sponsors. Poses, Hair, Shoes, props, and Backgrounds may come from inventory or other places.

2. Each participant will submit 1 photo to the Siren Productions Flickr group. http://www.flickr.com/groups/1393646@N23/ This photo should be labeled with your name and name of the competition (i.e. Lexie Jansma: Face of Menswear Fashion Week 2012). Models should also include complete style cards listing all items worn, pose, and photographer if photographer was not contestant.

3. The use of photoshop and other image manipulation software is allowed. All photos should be  1024 x 1024 or 2048 x 1024.

4. Images can be submitted between February 1st, 2012 and March 20th, 2012. Images submitted after this will be invalid. The 10 semi-finalist will be announced on the MWFW Flickr. Siren Productions Website, and the MWFW 2012 Website.

5. Contest winners will be selected by a panel of 5 judges comprised of members selected from sponsors. All decisions by judges are final. Arguing, complaining, or fighting will be grounds for disqualification and exclusion from the contest.

6. Siren Productions and partners reserve all rights to keep and use submitted images as they see fit without additional compensation to model and photographer.

7. Women are most certainely welcome to take part in the contest. However their styling, outfits, and choices should reflect menswear styling, outfits created for men, or unisex creations.

Runway Competition Rules:

1. All 10 finalist will walk in a final runway show on Saturday March 31st, 2012. A panel of 5 judges will make the final decision as to who the Face of Menswear Fashion Week 2012 is.

2. There will be 3 sections of competition and a question from the judges. During section C the contestants will be given a question to answer. This will be a text question and can be answered in text.
     A. Casually You: We want to see you and your casual style. You may select anything from your wardrobe to show you and your personal sense of everyday style.
    B. Style Challenge: All of the semi-finalist will be given the same outfit and expected to accessorize and create your own vision and look.
    C. Runway Fabulous: We want to see you at your couture best. There are no rules but to let your imagination run wild. Get creative and bring something interesting, unique, and original to the runway!

3. Contestants will provide a short 3 to 5 sentence description for each of the three looks by March, 29 2012 or be disqualified from competition.

Photo Contest Prizes:

1. Top 10 winners will have their photos featured in Maniera Magazine

2. Top 10 winning images will be featured on Sirenproductions.info blog as well as the MWFW 2012 Website.

3. Gift Certificate to several sponsors.
1000L Giftcard from Egoisme
500L Giftcard from Gizza Creations
500L Giftcards from Aleida

Grand Prize:

1. Cover, 6 Page Spread, and Interview in Scruplz Magazine
4 Page Spread and INterview in Maniera Magazine.

2. 20,000L Cash Prize from Siren Productions
20,000L Cash Prize from Gizza Creations

3. Host of other prizes from sponsors
Aleida: Entire Runway Collection from MWFW 2012
D.N.A Cloning Facility: Custom OOAK Skin
Egoisme: Entire Runway Collection from MWFW 2012
Gabriel: Entire Runway Collection from MWFW 2012
Gizza Creations: Entire Runway Collection from MWFW 2012
Havok: 5000L Giftcard
Legal Insanity: Entire Runway Collection from MWFW 2012
Rfyre:  Entire Runway Collection from MWFW 2012
[sYs]: Entire Runway Collection from MWFW 2012
Starchild Designs: Entire Runway Collection from MWFW 2012
Vaya Con Dios: 1 Fatpack of Skins Winners Choice of Tone, 3 Fatpack of Hairbases, 3 Facial Hair of Winners Choice.
Zanzo: Donating All New Outfits Created for MWFW 2012

Feb 9, 2012

FREE vintage outfits from StarChild!

Hi VIPs and lovers of vintage fashion,

For a short time you have the chance to grab the LATEST outfits released by StarChild Designs ABSOLUTELY FREE!! To celebrate the launch of our 1950s outfits, the "Prom Queen" and "Teddy Boy"on the SL online marketplace, we're offering FULL REFUNDS on the purchase price of these outfits for the first 10 customers to leave a review!

WOW, that's over 100 outfits up for grabs TOTALLY FREE!!

This offer won't last long, so use the link below to jump online and grab your free 1950s vintage outfits now!

1950s Prom Queen Outfits
1950s Teddy Boy

Jan 31, 2012

New VIP Gift for February!

Hello all you lovely VIPs!

I thought it was high time I set out a new VIP gift for you...and with Valentine's Day just around the corner, this one has a suitable sexy/romantic theme! To help celebrate the launching of our 2012 Burlesque collection (we expect the full collection will be available in store from March 31st), I've included the beautiful NEW Ostrich Feather fans, in black, with an exclusive matching set of sexy underwear...a great gift for the ladies...and, hmm, I'm sure you girls know what to do for the men out there!!

Now, whilst we are on the subject of FREE STUFF, tomorrow marks the beginning of the WOMENstuff hunt. StarChild Designs will be taking part, with our hunt prize there for the taking. Sticking to the Burlesque theme of this month, we're GIVING AWAY a set of our fantastic Peacock feather fans to all comers. WOW...so that's TWO sets of beautiful fans to enjoy. My my you are all terribly spoiled!

Enjoy ;)
Take me to the StarChild Designs Store!

Jan 22, 2012

1950s Fever - Part II, for the girls!

Ok boys move over, you've had your fun with our fantastic "Teddy Boy" outfits, now it's time for the gals to shine!

Introducing "Prom Queen", a selection of gorgeous vintage Prom dresses for all the budding prom-queens to be out there. Remember your first prom dress? The time you spent searching for that special, once-in-a-lifetime outfit to make your night magical. Layers of lace and tulle, colorful fabrics, super-full skirts and larger-than-life hair. 

This is the dress whether you want to slow dance with your chosen prom-date to Elvis' Love me Tender, or do the boogie-woogie to the Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy or Roy Orbison's Go Go Go. Available in 6 great prints and only $150 each, come and grab yours in-store now!

Jan 8, 2012

1950's fever hits StarChild Designs!

Through most of 2011 StarChild has focused on expanding our signature 1920's and 1930's vintage styles, and we've had great fun exploring that classic era with gangster suits, flapper fashion and bright, flamboyant colors teamed with elegant classic cuts.

This year it's time to expand our vintage coverage, and to start we've been focusing on the quintessential 1950's...a time of dramatic change, and the birth of rock n' roll. To start 2012 off, I couldn't help but explore the rock n roll side...and the birth of the "Teddy Boy" fashion. Teddy Boys wore drape suit jackets with velvet trim collars, high-waisted drainpipe trousers and a high-necked, loose collared white shirts with the iconic maverick style tie. Think Buddy Holly style and you'll be pretty close!

So check out our brand new range of "Teddy Boy" suits for the fashion-forward guys out there, and lets get down and boogie!