Nov 29, 2009


Psssttt!! Have you heard?! There's a secret VIP sale being planned in Dec! EVERYTHING* will be just $100 for two days this space for dates...and shssshh!! Don't tell!!

*Excludes the new "Chicago!" and "Winter Wonderland" design ranges to be released in Dec 2009 and Jan 2010


We've been busy little beavers these last few weeks, decorating the store for christmas, planning some amazing events and making dozens of gifts and freebies for all our loyal VIPs and fans. Check out the latest $1 offerings at our bargain bazaar - Christmas themed of course! AND - if you like any of the christmassy decorations you see - I've made sure they're available for you to decorate your own home at JUST $1 each!

PLUS - if you're a VIP you can grab THE LOT FOR FREE under our christmas tree at the main entrance....Hurrah!

So hurry on down, grab some bargains, drag your friends in as Christmas has come early at Starchild ;)

Nov 15, 2009

Fashion Showdown Winners!

Well knock me over with a feather - StarChild won second prize in the Fashion Showdown 2009 design competition. I'm amazed, honored and still slightly stunned! With over 45 entries and some darned good ones in there two, its good to know StarChild can hold its own...a tribute to our great designs, our amazing staff and, or course, our wonderful VIPs that ensure our continued prescence in SL. So this is a thank you to you all!

A special thank you should also go out to Charoa Hammerer - who co-ordinated the event...well done. Go to for links to the scoring of the outfits, models, prizes, and don't forget to check out the livestream of the event at (StarChild is right towards the end).

Nov 8, 2009

Chicago! New Release out now...


Check out the latest and greatest outfit set now available at the starchild main store! Its inspired by the famous "Chicago!" movie and musical, and, once again, is vintage based (although this time with a bit of a modern twist).
My first design was for the guys, and features a classic dark navy with subtle pinstripe suit jacket and pants, a light yellow shirt and red prim based tie (with sculpted prim collar too) and finally a funky sculpted prim-based brown trenchcoat.
Then, for the girls, a super sexy red flapper-styled dress, with a halterneck styled top and the (now) famous StarChild flapper prim skirt made up of dozens of induvidual prim strands. Oh - and lets not forget the funky matching fedora hat and sculpted stilettos!
Check out the attached pic for more visual details.

Now if you're not already aware I've entered as a designer into the "Fashion Showdown" competition which is set to go off this coming weekend! (checkout - and these two outfits, the Vintage suit and trenchcoat for the guys, and the flapper dress for the gals - are my wish me luck!

Nov 3, 2009

StarChild Halloween Hunt Concludes

The StarChild Halloween Hunt 2009 is now officially over. We hope you had fun and are enjoying your wonderful prizes. Thank you to all store participants for their generous prize donations, and to the store managers Sookie and Vic who worked hard with me to get this up and running.

Christmas is coming, so make sure you keep an eye on this blog for updates on more fun events, freebies and prizes!

xxTatiana Starsider
StarChild Designs

Nov 2, 2009

Hunts Hunts Hunts!

Well folks, if its freebies you're after you should get your butt down to the StarChild Store. The Halloween Hunt is now over, BUT in its place we have not one, not two but THREE hunts running here right now! Check out the following hunts;

1. "make him over" hunt (Artful Cravings)

2. "trapped in the 80s" hunt (StarChild -check out pics attached for the fantastic 80s styled prizes!)

3. "fallin leaves" hunt (StarChild)

WOW! Christmas has come early ;)