Aug 13, 2010

StarChild Store Closing Down

Dear StarChild fans,

It is with great regret that I have to inform you that the main StarChild Store and SIM will be closing down for good on August 31st. A combination of personal RL tragedy and rising SL costs have meant that I can no longer devote the time needed to keep our SIM running. To that effect I am hosting a "closing down" sale on our SIM for the next 2 weeks (August 16 - 30) - and EVERYTHING will be marked down to $100 or less. Grab some AMAZING bargains while you still can!

I will also still have all our fantastic StarChild outfits and creations available on the Marketplace (also on SL exchange) after August 31st until we re-open a new store elsewhere later in the year. PLUS I'll still be creating new and amazing outfits throughout the year which you will find here as well. You can find our "online store" on the internet using this link

With love,
Tatiana Starsider

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