Jan 22, 2012

1950s Fever - Part II, for the girls!

Ok boys move over, you've had your fun with our fantastic "Teddy Boy" outfits, now it's time for the gals to shine!

Introducing "Prom Queen", a selection of gorgeous vintage Prom dresses for all the budding prom-queens to be out there. Remember your first prom dress? The time you spent searching for that special, once-in-a-lifetime outfit to make your night magical. Layers of lace and tulle, colorful fabrics, super-full skirts and larger-than-life hair. 

This is the dress whether you want to slow dance with your chosen prom-date to Elvis' Love me Tender, or do the boogie-woogie to the Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy or Roy Orbison's Go Go Go. Available in 6 great prints and only $150 each, come and grab yours in-store now!

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